Linda Caradus

Linda Caradus is an actuary with technical expertise in life insurance and superannuation. Her experience includes general management responsibilities within life offices. She assists life offices in all aspects of their long-term business, including analysis and monitoring of experience, Margin on Services and Embedded Value reporting, product design and premium rating.

Linda also advises trustees and employers on the operation of superannuation schemes.

David Chamberlain

David Chamberlain is an actuary with over 25 years of commercial experience in the financial services sector. Specialising in insurance, in particular life insurance, David has helped businesses both strategically and operationally. David has worked with a diverse variety of clients from fishing companies to superannuation funds providing a wide range of advice from strategy and capital investment decisions through to operational compliance requirements and risk management. He has experience with unit pricing and unit pricing error correction. He focuses on, and takes pride in, helping clients achieve a track record of success based on profitable growth. He has experience both as an Executive and as a Director.

Prior to joining MJW David led the team building an insurance business for a New Zealand government owned bank in New Zealand. This encompassed all aspects of building the business including meeting the licencing requirements to operate as an insurer in New Zealand. Insurers are supervised by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.   In mid-2015 David and a colleague commenced a research project looking at how to enhance the benefits delivered by the NZ life insurance industry to the average New Zealand consumer.

He is currently Chairman of the New Zealand Blood Service, was previously a member of the University Council of Victoria University of Wellington and a Director of At Work Insurance Limited, the State Owned Enterprise set up to compete during the privatisation of compensation for work-related injuries in New Zealand.