Data Analytics

Data is the currency of the future, or so they say.   But what use is data if you haven’t got the means to turn it into bottom line results?   Analytics is about converting disorganised data into tools that can help you to run an organisation more effectively and profitably.

At MJW our talented analysts can help with:

  • Understanding your client base and segmenting according to underlying profitability.
  • Allocating your resources to the most effective project.
  • Capitalising on trends and patterns in FMCG.
  • Making use of targeted cross selling opportunities.
  • Pricing your products to attract and retain the customers that offer long term value.


Yellow engaged Melville Jessup Weaver to assist us with a project that required complex pricing analysis. Despite not being directly involved with our industry, they quickly came to grips with our multiple data sources and identified the key issues requiring detailed consideration. By adopting a holistic view as actuaries do, they were able to offer insightful comment behind the financial implications of their recommended course of action. MJW Principal Jeremy Holmes led the project and was very professional in his approach and easy to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending MJW to any business requiring assistance with data or financial analytics.

 Liz Austin, Director of Directories Sales & Operations, Yellow®.