Mortality in the age of Omicron

In this Topix, we construct a model to predict mortality in New Zealand and compare this to the actual mortality experience over recent years.

New Zealand 2020 mortality

COVID-19 and the related lockdowns have put a huge strain financially and mentally on many. However, flying under the radar is a little-acknowledged fact: fewer New Zealanders are dying.

Covid-19: Excess deaths

With the Office of National Statistics releasing mortality data for England and Wales, we’ve done a quick analysis on how Covid-19 deaths fit into the broader picture, and what this looks like in terms of deaths additional to what one might have otherwise expected.

Last updated: 22 April 2020

Repayment Waivers

Commerce Commission takes action over unreasonable fees by lenders.

Review of the Stobo Report

The objective of the review was the minimisation of the extent to which the tax system distorts the way New Zealanders invest.