Market volatility in 2020

This article analyses market volatility in 2020 and how decisions to reposition an investment portfolio might have played out.

Investment Outlook

With interest rates at record lows, this article looks at how our outlook for returns has changed and what it may mean for investors.

Distribution methods for charitable trusts

In this paper, we examine different distribution mechanisms in use around New Zealand by community trusts, iwi, and other similar organisations. We analyse how three simple distribution rules would fare following a large negative investment shock. The results show that there are clear differences and that the choice of distribution method has significant implications for intergenerational equity.

The end for bonds?

Investors need to carefully consider the amount of duration in their portfolios.

Investment returns over last 20 years

In this newsletter, we look back over 20 years at the returns from each of the major asset classes.   We then look at 3 hypothetical diversified portfolios and compare/contrast the returns experienced by each.