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October 2016

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September 2016

Welcome to Melville Jessup Weaver

Melville Jessup Weaver is a firm of consulting actuaries with offices in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. The firm provides actuarial consulting in the areas of insurance, superannuation, KiwiSaver, asset management, financial analysis and risk management.

This site provides information about our firm, our services and our people, as well as copies of recent publications and references to topical matters.

Melville Jessup Weaver is the New Zealand Alliance Partner of Willis Towers Watson. Willis Towers Watson is a leading global professional services company that helps organisations improve performance through effective people, risk and financial management. The company offers solutions in the areas of employee benefits, talent management, rewards, and risk and capital management. Willis Towers Watson has 14,000 associates around the world and is located on the web at


Data Analytics

Data is the currency of the future, or so they say.   But what use is data if you haven’t got the means to turn it into bottom line results?   Analytics is about converting disorganised data into tools that can help you to run an organisation more effe …

Asset Consulting

The last few years have seen challenging investment conditions.   For optimal investment outcomes, it is important that the role of each party is clarified and appropriate responsibilities assigned.   Fund trustees and managers of assets must agree sta …

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The end for bonds?

Investors need to carefully consider the amount of duration in their portfolios.

Driverless cars and insurance telematics

Disruptive technologies threaten to shake up the insurance industry, and some commentators would have you believe that these are just around the corner. This article looks at some of the factors that need to be present for such technologies to succeed …

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